577 – Who are the Two Queens?

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  1. Champy-kun

    actually no, I want to know what happened before! is this some kind of scheme that they are still holding up or did Dr. Rocket, in his final days really betrayed his old friend-enemy. I would prefer to think that this is part of a bigger plan to overturn Zurida, but if the Doc really betrayed the Cap, I would like it to be because he got hooked with Zurida. I have always liked them as a couple, the most evil couple of all times :D

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      I’ll enjoy reading your thoughts after 579.

  2. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    Latifah and Ru Paul!

    Did I get it right????

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      You’re right!

      (You’re not.)

  3. Marcus

    I have to admit, that this must be way different that any of the Doc and Cap’s previous battles against each other.

    I mean if the doctor did it like that, then he would have ruled the world faster. :(

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      True story.

  4. gnrrrg

    “How many lights do you see?”

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Very much on my mind as I wrote this. Your ST:TNG knowledge serves you well.

  5. JE Draft

    Given what the both of them endured and survived at the hands of the Jorbons, my money is still on the Captain never breaking, no matter how much booze he’s force-fed. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Rocket knows that, too.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      By the end of this chapter you will know whether Cap will break or not. His disposition is of particular interest, I think.

  6. Si Civa
    Si Civa

    I guess we know now that power dampener doesn’t take one’s will power away.

    • Scott

      Good eyes, I never even noticed the dampener. I just assumed they were using booze because it weakens Cap to the point of being easily restrained anyway.

      • Brock Heasley
        Brock Heasley

        It’s a double whammy.

  7. Jerden

    So, I was wondering what they meant by “Two” queens. But I think it means Zurida and Star Maiden are “sharing” power (as if – I’m pretty sure that Zurida’s in control).

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      You’ll find out in 579!

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