It’s nice to finally, fully reveal the Northern Dissenters. I think they’ve been talked about a lot, but we haven’t seen too much of them. They obviously play a big part in the end of the chapter, but also into the next. I look forward to seeing what you guys make of them.


Marc and I recorded a podcast last night with the ladies and gent over at Webcomics Alliance. It was a great time and lively conversation. It occurred to me during the course of it that pretty much the only time Marc and I ever talk is on podcasts. Sure, we email every day, but it’s really only when we’re invited to go on a show that we actually speak to each other. That’s crazy. I think we feel like we know each other pretty well despite that.

We’ll be sure and post a link to the ‘cast just as soon as there is one.

See you on Monday with 673 – “Captain Spectacular’s New Duds”