Li'l Shorty by Marc Lapierre

Li’l Shorty is a character who was mentioned a long, long time ago but was never seen until the jump to One Year Later. I gave Marc a name and that was pretty much it. He came up with the look and the majority of the back story. Kudos, Marc. She looks great!

Here’s her bio:

Tendra Lamaar is a genius teenage inventor who has always been underestimated because of her small stature, gender and age. Deciding to steer into the skid, she created her greatest invention—the Tomlin Gauntlets she wears on her arms that allow her to shrink down to a subatomic level. The Gauntlets were particularly useful in the pre-occupation days when she solved mysteries and conducted investigations as a sort of super-powered Veronica Mars. Her abilities allowed her to examine evidence to a degree that’s usually only possible in a lab, seeing clues that the naked, regular eye cannot see.

She is friends with Mega Matt and Duper Dave. In the world of the Occupation, Tendra has joined up with Spy Gal and fights in the resistance.