Jerry "One Year Later" V.2 by Marc Lapierre


Jerry’s status at the One Year Later jump is what really kicked things off as it was so remarkably different from where we left him. That’s the fun of time jumps and my goal for all of the redesigns we do is to come up with a visual that’s equally as fun as the new status quo.

My notes to Marc were that Jerry is basically a nomad, traveling the world in search of the things he needs to destroy the Power Crystal. I did a sketch of Jerry’s head with a hood, but I didn’t really have any idea what the rest of him should look like. I knew he had a satchel to carry his stuff and the Power Crystal, but that was it. Marc came back with this:

Jerry "One Year Later" V.1 by Marc Lapierre

That was of course excellent, but upon looking at it I realized what I’d really been seeing in my head was someone more covered and anonymous–like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. I asked Marc to make the coat longer and the boots muddier, to reflect the time he’s spent in the wilderness. That’s when Marc came up with the design you see at the top of this post and it was perfect.

More designs coming!