Here we go again! Another look at a new Fogey you’ll be seeing more of in the upcoming Chapter 15 (starts October 1st!), The Crimson Spelunker! Once again, Marc is showing off a YOUNGER version of the character first. You’ll meet the older incarnation soon enough (though you if you look closely at SF 444, you’ll see him there).

The Crimson Spelunker¬†was a villain who, along with his army of mutant bats, traveled the earth beneath, emerging only to stage shocking robberies by creating his own entrance–gaping holes in the middle of the vaults! His rivalry with Mr. Crook (Crook was always jealous of the Spelunker’s ability to escape capture by simply tunneling down to China) is almost as well known as his 30-year feud with his arch nemesis–Swifty.