Aaaannnnnndddd that’s a wrap, folks! Chapter 21, “Death and Destruction,” is in the can. Wanna read it from the beginning? Start right here!

I don’t know if I’m right about this, but I THINK this was our most action heavy chapter yet. For a strip that eschewed action for years, that’s not saying much, I suppose, but it does make it an unusual chapter.

We’re well into the post-Zurida takeover portion of the SuperFogeys saga and we’ve seen some big changes as a result. Lots of deaths this chapter, but for me personally none was bigger than Tangerine’s. While he didn’t show up properly until Chapter 5, I always considered him one of the main cast. His story and arc was something I felt very passionately about as I knew his redemption would be a hard one to swallow and the challenge of carrying it off was exciting to me. That we actually went past the redemption and into another fall was another risk. If I have one regret about the One Year Later storyline, it’s that I think I needed to give Tangerine a bit more “air time” to make the end of his arc really resonate, but I’m proud of the work Marc and I did with his death and it felt like the right ending to the character’s story.

Of course the death of Avalon Money Man will probably have the most impact going forward as it has positively rocked Soviet Sam. Sam is a tender-hearted fellow who has a tendency to give himself over to remorse. In the next chapter, you’ll find out a lot more about Sam as he and his Avalon doppelganger get a chance to compare notes on their dramatically different lives.

Chapter 21 also saw the arrival, finally, of Avalon Thrice Evil and the Avalon Lodge of Doom and Society of Heroes. As you can imagine, they’re going to have a HUGE impact on future stories. The threat of Avalon Thrice Evil is just beginning.

And then there’s Jerry. Jerry’s power level increased in a big way way over the past couple chapters and that’s going to have consequences the Fogeys can’t even begin to imagine and don’t have time for right now. Jerry is about to show everyone what he’s truly capable of.

But coming back to death… this chapter was about loss in the moment. How do we deal with it? Do we shut down, or do we push forward and mourn later? I’m admittedly fascinated by the concept of loss and death and its impact on the living. I think we all react to such things differently, and there’s not really a right or a wrong way despite the assertions of TV detectives badgering a grieving widow who isn’t crying enough. But loss in the moment, death in the moment, that’s a particular challenge. One the Fogeys will probably encounter again soon… ish.

What did you guys think? How did Chapter 21, “Death and Destruction” strike you?


Speaking of the next chapter… think of the opposite of Chapter 21 and that’s pretty much what’s coming. We’re gonna scale things back and stop the punching for a little while to show more of the two camps in this war–the bad guys in the USZ and the good guys in New California. You’re gonna see Fogeys getting a chance to talk with their Avalon counterparts, and plans being made for attack on both sides. We’re bringing back flashbacks for the next chapter as well as we finally reveal some of what happened during the year we skipped over. I foresee lots of interpersonal character drama and not a few solid jokes.

Apocalyptic Character Comedy–maybe that’s what I should call the next chapter (Nah… but an announcement will come on that front eventually).


This is it for me and Marc for now. It’s time for us to regroup, plan the next chapter, and get a proper head start on it. We’ll check in now and again to let you all know how things are going, and of course there will be an announcement on the site as soon as we have a return date. Last time, we took a year off. I feel pretty secure in saying we’re not going to make you wait that long this time–not even close.


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See you all again soon! Watch this space!