731 – Mr. Brightside

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  1. Rumikumu

    I know that theres been an active effort to corrupt Jerry his entire life, but I still think this completely sums up how our Superfogeys made it worse:
    “And then there’s Jerry. Jerry’s power level increased in a big way way over the past couple chapters and that’s going to have consequences the Fogeys can’t even begin to imagine and don’t have time for right now”

    They’ve never had time for him and SpyGal just repeated the process all over again by brushing him off to car for Sam.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      While you are right… it’s also true that for a long while now Spy Gal has been giving Jerry everything he wants. This is one slight. Is his reaction proportional to the slight? I would argue no.

      We all know people like Jerry. People who want us to give and give and give and PROVE that we love them. And we try–oh, how we try–to satisfy them, but it’s never enough. No matter how many times we go to the movies together or have dinner or invite them to our parties, the minute we can’t make ourselves available for them RIGHT THEN or do them this quick favor, they turn irrational and cry and weep and wail because we’re not giving them the attention they crave to satisfy an appetite that will never be sated. In that moment, we never REALLY cared them and past evidence doesn’t matter.

      If none of this sounds familiar, lucky you. Unfortunately, I’ve known more than a few people like that in my life.

      So, while yes the Fogeys could probably do better with Jerry, some of this is his own doing.

  2. RumiKumu

    Oh yeah, I hear you and yes I know those people. Actually, I read this first on my phone on the way to work, and the tiny phone does not do that last panel justice. Holy cow! he looks murderously evil.

  3. quarktime

    Of course he looks murderously evil. He’s JERRY.

    Wait, now I’m sounding like Swifty…

    Jerry has a very selective memory. He GOT Spy Gal because he deliberately engineered an incident that made Wilbur look bad, then pounced when Spy Gal was emotionally vulnerable. She KEPT him, not because he was this great prize, but because SHE decided long ago to be a good person, and that includes keeping her word. In her own way, she’s trying not to be her dead husband Manny. HE was a cheat. HE was a bad dude. HE was a criminal. HE was more in it for himself than for others.

    SHE didn’t like those things about Manny, and since then has tried to be as much un-Manny-like as she can…given that for a long time she was a murderous assassin-spy. Money Man turned her away from that, and she’s learned that she’s better this way. But Jerry has always been self-centered and a bit of a jealous child. He was this way BEFORE he married her. He was terribly jealous of EVERYONE she gave attention to at his expense.

    I suspect that she’s not with him necessarily because she loves him so much as she gave her vow, and she won’t be forsworn…

    …but I no longer make predictions on this comic.

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  5. Thomas

    Is it me, or has the red mist in the final panel grown since it was first posted?

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