This is it, the last SuperFogeys of the regular story for a couple of weeks. This strip wasn’t intended to be an extended cliffhanger, but now that we have it serving that purpose I quite like it. What happens immediately following this strip is my favorite stuff in this chapter, so it will be good to come at it refreshed.

Two weeks! But we’re not leaving you high and dry. On Monday you’ll get the first of four new strips from me as a solo act, doing both writing and drawing chores. It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn anything with that kind of regularity, so we’ll find out together how it goes. As of this writing I have about one and a half strips completed and only two written. But don’t worry, I’ll meet my deadlines. Expect all four strips to roll out on the usual days.

Headed to NYCC this weekend? Don’t forget to stop by Table i6 in Artist Alley to say hello to SuperFogeys artist Marc Lapierre! Get all the details on what he’ll be doing right here!