Every once in a while it’s fun to feature an extended conversation, and whenever I do that it tends to be between Captain Spectacular and Spy Gal, for some reason. I mean, that’s pretty much all Chapter 8 even was. Those two characters and their respective journeys best embody pretty much everything I’m trying to say with SuperFogeys.

This conversation takes a slightly less weighty approach. It’s just two people overly familiar with each other, carrying out the business of the day. But forget that. Look at that art! That last panel is poster or t-shirt worthy and Marc should be proud. And yet, it’s nothing compared to what you’re about to see a week from today with SF 700. You’ve GOT to be back here for that. It’s pretty epic.


Next week, SuperFogeys marks off ten years as a comic. I can’t even friggin’ believe that. To mark the occasion, we’re coming at you with at least THREE updates. The schedule looks like this right now:

Monday – SF 700!

Tuesday – Special DOUBLE-SIZED Bonus Strip! See how Cap got his new suit! Art by Marc, Words and colors by Brock!

Wednesday – Special TRIPLE-SIZED Bonus Strip! A special 10th Anniversary, in-continuity story that sees Brock return to the art desk for the full words and pictures treatment!

Thursday – ?

Friday – ?

As you can see, we don’t have anything planned for Thursday and Friday yet. That’s where I’m hoping you’ll come in. In the past, we’ve gotten such great fan art, essays, and guest strip submissions for our anniversaries and Guest Strippin’ X-mas. Next week is your chance to shine, on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary. So far, we don’t have any submissions, but I’m hoping that just means a few of you out there are working hard.

Have a favorite character? Just want to pen a love note to Swifty and share it with the world? That would be weird, but we’ll feature it! Just send whatever you’d like over to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com. Just be sure and keep things within the typical SuperFogeys PG boundaries of good taste!

See you on Wednesday with 699 – “How Captain Spectacular Takes Care of Business!”