Confused? We’re in flashback mode here as Star Maiden tells the tale of a recent trip she made back to her home planet. She begins her taleĀ here. If you’d like to find out more about Star Maiden and where she came from, be sure andĀ check out her origin here!

One note about today’s strip: I kind of like the art in this one. I don’t often say that, but it was nice for it come together like it did after a strip last week that I felt was subpar, art-wise.


Tonight, I go with my daughter Elora to check out Star Wars in Concert! I’ve never heard this music played by a live orchestra before and I’ve heard the show is AMAZING. Won some tickets from our local newspaper, so I’m thinking our seats might be pretty good. Elora will be wearing her hair in Princess Leia buns. If you live in the Fresno area and are going to be there, be sure and say hi!

MOVIE WATCHING COLUMN (Geez, I need a proper name)

We’re getting closer and close to the launch of the new SF site. Once that happens, I plan on doing a weekly movie column just talking about some of the things I’ve watched recently. Sometimes the movies will be current, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes, they won’t even be movies. TV is so good lately that if I’m watching it on disc, then it’s good enough for the column. For instance, here’s what I’ve seen in the past week:

Walk The Line – Gone Baby Gone – O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Dear John – Battlestar Galactica (2004 Miniseries) – Mad Men (Season 3) – Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Kind of an eclectic mix, as you can see. Now imagine that with a paragraph of comments each. Why aren’t I just doing that now? Gotta save some juice for the launch of the column! Give you something to look forward to (or tune out, depending on your level of interest in something like this).


On Tuesday, Soviet Sam calls one of the Valhalla residents to task and speaks more words than we’ve previously seen him capable of! Yes, folks. That’s what qualifies as action around here! You want “HULK SMASH!” you go somewhere else.

Then, on Thursday, Star Maiden continues her tale and, as you’ve seen today, it’s not a pretty one.