One of the things I love about working with a team is seeing what each individual brings to the table. Denver always paces out my scripts in a way I don’t expect and frames things in a way that lends maximum impact. Jeff then brings it to another level with his colors. I had no idea how he was going to color the first panel, but his solution is simple and elegant. He really thinks about the mood of the image and colors accordingly. Great work, guys!

ANNOUNCING: SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL TOMORROW. My good friend and great podcaster Tom Racine is currently raising funds for new equipment through IndieGoGo. He’s got some great rewards, so check that out. Tomorrow, he’s doing a all-day video podcast marathon in honor of his efforts and both Marc and I are scheduled to be guests! My slot is at 10am PST and Marc will show his face at 5:45pm PST. You can see all the mayhem Saturday, September 15th, right here!

And with that the two week hiatus officially begins. You should see some guest strips here and there, but both SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins won’t be back until October 1st. Chapter 14 – Invasion, Part Two: Inaction Heroes No More starts then!