Sorry about that, everybody! Yes, the site was down for several days, but it’s back now! And just in time. You wouldn’t want to miss Swifty’s origin, would you? I’m so excited for you all to read this one and see what we’ve cooked up. There are some BIG surprises ahead!


Hey, there’s a great new comics podcast that just threw SO MUCH LOVE towards us. Like, INSANE amounts of love. Both for my writing and for Marc’s art. An Alan Moore comparison was dropped, I kid you not. While we’re in no way worthy of such lofty company, it still means a lot. To everyone over at the Comics For All podcast, you guys are the best! I hope you love SF even more as you continue reading.

You can check out the podcast here. SuperFogeys is talked about in Episode 3, at about the 1:28 mark. See if you agree with their take!

See you next Monday with Pg. 2 – “62nd Generation Mercurius!”