Please give a hearty clap to artist Marc Lapierre for today’s incredible splash page. Not only is this our big finish to this short chapter, but it’s such a great recreation of a very special moment from a movie I’m guessing you’re all pretty well familiar with at this point. What is Jerry doing and where did he go? This is your answer. Can you piece it all together? Hint: look closer.

Even when I was set to draw this entire chapter myself, this was an episode I knew I couldn’t do myself. I asked Marc to do a layout for me that I could then pencil over and ink and color myself. When the decision was made to turn over all the art duties to Marc anyway, he had a rough sketch of 800 ready to go. It’s actually the first thing he drew for Chapter 23!


Not only do we mark 800 strips/episodes today, this week we also celebrate the 13th Anniversary of The SuperFogeys’ existence. That’s right, the first episodes of Chapter 1 were released waaaaay back in September 2006. I did the first 300 episodes all by my lonesome before Marc Lapierre took over and beautifully drew the next 500. We’ve had a couple yearlong hiatuses over the years, and dipped into Origin stories now and again (with Swifty’s origin being the latest) but SuperFogeys has been a going concern for a very long time now. And that’s kind of amazing. I never would have thought all this would happen when I first started. THANK YOU for reading and keeping your love for SF alive. It’s what fuels us.


We’re going on hiatus. Yes, another one. BUT–this is a very short hiatus. Marc and I return with Chapter 24: The Guthrie on Monday, October 7, 2019. We’re getting a good buffer going, with the first SEVEN episodes already completed as you read this.

What’s in store for Chapter 24? Only the biggest chapter we’ve EVER done. I’m not kidding. It will be bigger, longer, and filled with more action and twists and consequences than we’ve ever attempted.

I’m scared, Marc’s scared, but we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna deliver on all the story threads we’ve been building over the last several years and bring this whole thing to a head. It’s going to feel like an ending. It’s going to feel like The SuperFogeys is coming to an epic conclusion…and yet it’s not. There’s still two more chapters to go after Chapter 24 is over.

How can that be? You’ll see.

I cannot wait.


I’m curious…who has been with us since the beginning? Who is only just now catching up with the story? If you can, tell us in the comments below which year you first started reading (or, if you can’t remember that, where the story was at the time) and what got you hooked!

See you on Monday, October 7!

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