GUEST STRIP by Gwen Patton!

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  1. Dierna

    So Space Monkey poo = Red Kryptonite that effects EVERYONE??

    Space pig pee makes people sleepy while space monkey poo effects everyone differently for 24 hours?

  2. Brock Heasley
    Brock Heasley

    Not exactly like Red Kryptonite, but you’re close. The animals-with-emotional-issues things is pretty specific, but yes, it can affect all humans. 24 hours? That sounds about right.

  3. Blackbeard's Delight
    Blackbeard's Delight

    I love how you know it is Spy Gal, yet it is a horse. Ha!

    Hope Dictator Tot can run fast, cus unless Spy Gal is on her way to the glue factory I wouldn’t think it too hard for a horse to overtake a smart mouth little brat.

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