Hey, I’m back! Had a nice little break there and now I’m back in full force (though I’ve been active in the comments and in posting blogs), ready to provide the regular dose of inanity for you to skip over on your way down to the comments. Today’s strip is a reveal I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time. It follows up directly on something Sam said during the invasion (major kudos if you can figure out which strip that was) and is a big signpost towards what I’m hoping to say with Sam’s character. Good stuff, and ably rendered and designed by Mr. Marc Lapierre–who did a great job filling in for me while I was gone.

For those of you who followed the drama last week that was my sudden discovery that someone had been translating and posting SuperFogeys in Russian (you can read all about it in the blog about that discovery and my follow-up blog reporting on what happened when I made contact with one of the translators), I got sent a neat little note from Spinner. This is what Dusker, the original translator, had to say about why he started the project:

“I did it because of Jerry. I’m a huge Robin fan. Robin was so great in Teen Titans and Young Justice, now I like him even more than Batman. So when I saw Jerry, who is a parody of Robin, a deconstruction of Robin and a tribute to Robin at the same time I’ve had a nerdgasm. When I saw that cover to Jerry’s Origins I immediately decided to translate SuperFogeys. I dug into it and translated pretty much (up to the Dark Maiden invasion in plain text and about two hundret fully edited pages), but then stuff happened… Anyway, I still think Superfogeys is great and Jerry is great, so keep up the good work and thank you.”

As he alludes to here, Dusker had to stop translating for personal reasons, but Spinner has taken up the charge and continues to post SuperFogeys in Russian five times at week over at the Russian site. Now, with my blessing. (We’ll have a more permanent link up soon.)

Don’t forget: SuperFogeys Origins is back! You can see  the latest page here, or you start “Spy Gal – Captured,” the direct sequel to Spy Gal’s origin right here.