Hey, everybody. I’m really, REALLY excited about this news–SuperFogeys just launched on the premiere digital comics store Comixology!

SuperFogeys has been available digitally on mobile before, but, unfortunately, the quality of the presentation just wasn’t there. Comixology, however, provides the very best digital presentation possible. These are high resolution pages–much higher than you’ll find on this site–and they can be read from your computer or laptop, iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows 8.

This is the purest way to read SF, hands down. Comixology also features guided view, which takes you panel by panel. It’s not exactly how SF was intended to be read, but I have to admit I love the completely different feel it gives the story. Think of it as a slightly more cinematic experience.

The first issue includes Chapters 1 and 2 and is available right now for free. All you need to do is a quick sign up on Comixology if you don’t have an account already. Issue 2 is also available for $1.99 and contains Chapters 3 and 4. More issues coming, very, very soon. Our goal to put everything out on Comixology, right on through the most current stuff.

Now, you gotta know this puts us in the same store as the big dogs–DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, BOOM!, etc. SuperFogeys is gonna live or die on how well it’s rated. If you agree SF is good stuff (and if you’re reading this, I kind of assume you do), please consider making your feelings known by giving the books a 5-star rating. Tell the world what you already know: superheroes CAN grow and change and even get older–and it’s cool.

Thanks very much for supporting SF! Now I’m off to buy Issue 2…