Holy, holy, holy crud! How can you not be blown away by that? Brian Astle is (in my opinion and that of a few other reputable organizations) one of the top illustrators working today. He’s young and destined for great thing. He’s also my Cousin-in-Law, which is how his work first came to my attention.

Brian works successfully in many mediums. Supposedly (he tells me) he can’t do cartooning. I think what he actually means to say is, “I have yet to give cartooning the 5 minutes it would take for me to master it.” You can see more of his stunning work at his site: brianastle.com

Here’s what he said about this Captain Spectacular piece:

“Fun little painting I did this morning for Brock Heasleyand the Super The SuperFogeys It’s Captain Spectacular!!”

“THIS MORNING”–probably while you were eating your Fruit Loops. Brian threatens to draw even more SF characters. Please take the time to pressure him to make good on his threat in the comments below.