Continuing our celebration of the 5th SuperFogeys Anniversary, here’s a poem my brother Tyler wrote up. Enjoy!

You’re Just the Gal for Me

My black may seem a little stale compared to blue and yellow
Yet while a human spectacle, he’s not the proper fellow
I love your shiny black and red,
The way the white rests on your head
O that our relationship was more than just a “hello.”

Just once I want to hold you close and whisper what I feel inside,
Enumerate emotions that I fear I can no longer hide
But with the captain at the pier
There is no room to anchor here
And he has made it very clear
By handing you a shiny rock that won’t be swept by any tide.

You’ve no idea I’d take a bullet willingly to have you mine,
That I would get a PhD,
Assume three personalities,
And with the evil doctor set a giant robot in the scene
And maybe even that won’t make you mine
I would treat you right eternally
But maybe even that won’t make you mine
I guess I would do anything to be
To you what he has never been, you see
I guess I want to make you mine because you’re just the gal for me