352 – Megatron is Copyrighted

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  1. Sam

    So sweet, the robot looks awesome and I can’t get over all the details you but into this Mark. You two are a great team!
    So what is a Jimmy Choo by the way?
    (Side note, I am so trilled I get to be the first commenter on this page)

    • blackbeard's delight
      blackbeard's delight

      A crazy expensive women’s shoe.

  2. krheasley

    So, for whatever reason, whenever I come to view today’s comic, it only shows up as the black and white outlines of everything. But when I refresh the page, I can see the color version.

    Now let me say this–the outline looks really good.

    But in color, this page is dang good. (Also, I prefer the “Not my Jimmy Choo” line to what was on the black outlined page. It works a lot better.)

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Server problems last night prevented me from loading the final version on time. Glad you like the line change! That was Marc’s suggestion.

  3. Scott

    Nice robot design! Instead of trying to take over the world, I think Dr. Rocket should have just sold transformers. He could be ridiculously wealthy instead.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      I LOVE this robot design. I asked Marc to do up something different and he delivered in spades.

  4. blackbeard's delight
    blackbeard's delight

    That’s going to be a long walk back to Florida when their plane goes up in a giant fireball. Hope spaygal is impressed.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      There’s always coach, right?

  5. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    I want one of these. ‘Giant Donut-tron Robot’ is totally going on my nefarious christmas list. This is magnificent.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Ooh… yes. I want this as a toy. That would make up for all the Transformers I didn’t get as a kid.

      • Infamous Nefarious
        Infamous Nefarious

        Toy nothin. :D

  6. Javier

    I don’t want to insinuate that some religious subtext is going on, but that helicopter light flashing down on the cross shaped antenna has to mean something.

    Still not too thrilled about that antenna. Such a weak spot. I wonder if it gets destroyed will the robot be all “Huh? What do I do now?” and flies off into to space to contemplate the universe.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Can’t say I ever thought of the antenna as a cross, but attach whatever significance to it you’d like!

      • Javier

        I’m not going to do that if it doesn’t enhance the story in any way. It was just very coincidental that those elements came together that way. That’s all.

        • krheasley

          This is what I used to tell my English teachers in high school–not all of the “symbolism” in books was intentionally put in by the authors. We were creating our own meanings and inserting our own subtext. Unfortunately, although I still stand by that argument, it never did get me out of writing any papers. If anything, it made me realize that I could make up anything I wanted about what I was reading, so long as I could be creative enough to substantiate it.

  7. Spike Matthews

    #1 where did the robot come from? Unless there were a lot of people with a sudden attack of blindness or ‘whatever!’, something that big is going to be noticed way before it gets to the casino. Unless it was disguised. Me, I’m wondering if it is a transforming robot (notice the neat copyright avoidance there).
    #2 Is this going to be a little like when Syndrome in The Incredibles could ‘miraculously’ manage to beat the robot he built himself?
    #3 Holy bloody hell! Amazing artwork!

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      1 – We did see the robot transform a few strips back. Personally, I think until he started firing everyone assumed he was just in town for a show.

      2 – Wait and see!

      3 – Could not agree more.

  8. praetor1983

    I sure hope Dorothy and Sophia made it out safe’n'sound.

  9. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    Hey….. Is it just me? Or does the robot have blue balls on its pelvis…..?

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