This week marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of the SuperFogeys. Can you believe that? Why, it seems like only yesterday… wait, not it doesn’t. It’s been a long freakin’ time and I can feel it in my bones. To celebrate, I drew up the above image (and inked and colored it meself) to show off just how far SF has come. I mean, look at the first group shot I ever drew:

Starting tomorrow and for the next two weeks afterwards, there will be a new post every weekday as you, the SuperFans, take us through each and every chapter of the Valhalla saga so far. Each recap will be done by a different artist and, in most cases, in a completely different way from what Marc and I did. Also, be sure and check out the blog under the strips–I’ll be running lots of fan-created pieces. Hopefully a new one every day. If you’d still like to participate (and potentially win fabulous prizes), feel to send me a short essay or fan art having to do with SF during the entire run of the celebration. I won’t select a winner until it’s all over.

See you tomorrow!