Happy Birthday to me! (Seriously, this is my actual birthday [well, tomorrow is--I decided to post this 4 hours early] and we’ve been working on this strip and its ideas for so long that it really is like a gift to finally be able to show it to you.) This is it, this is the one–the end of Chapter 17: Invasion, Part Four – The End of Lies. We’ve been building and building this invasion story for the past almost two years and now you finally know how it ends–with a new beginning!

The Invasion is over. Welcome to the Occupation.

I don’t want to get in the way of any conversation and speculation below, but there’s one thing I want to get out of the way right now so no one has to waste any time wondering: this is not a flash forward. This is a jump ahead. There is no going back. What you saw last Wednesday? That was the last strip of an era and you didn’t even know it. You know what that makes the next chapter of SF? The perfect jumping on point. Tell your friends! They’ll be just as lost as you now!

Oh, and since we’re here now I may as well announce the title of the next chapter. Beginning Wednesday… Chapter 18 – One Year Later. Makes sense, right?

Crazy, GREAT stuff ahead. Spy Gal and Soviet Sam aren’t the only ones with a whole new look. Expect new alliances, new relationships, the return of old villains,¬†and, slowly but surely, the reveal of just what the heck happened during the missing year.

Seriously, tell your friends. It’s a whole new SuperFogeys.

Over the weekend I gave Kurt Sasso over at TGT an early look at today’s strip and did an interview with him for the podcast. We talk a lot about where SuperFogeys has been and where it’s going, why I chose to end the chapter in this way and make this time jump, and how all of this fits into the larger story of SF. That podcast drops tomorrow. I’ll throw up a link to it in the blog, so be sure and check back then if you want to know more about One Year Later!