Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! The next SuperFogeys book to be printed will be a full-fledged RPG. More details coming soon. For now, see the press release below!




(Irving, Texas – 7/6/12) Team Frog Studios announced today they have come to an agreement with Th3rd World Studios to license The Superfogeys™, a popular webcomic, for use in games.

Created by Brock Heasley, The Superfogeys™ chronicles the lives of the world’s super-powered individuals once they move to “Valhalla, The Home for the Super Tired.” Started in 2006, The Superfogeys™ brings us 2 new episodes a week (written by Heasley and drawn by Marc LaPierre), plus a ‘Superfogeys Origins’ strip (written by Heasley and drawn by various Guest Artists) every Friday.

Residents of Valhalla include Captain Spectacular, Dr. Rocket, Star Maiden, Soviet Sam, and the lovable Space Pig. You might think they were ready to slow down after a super-powered life, but you would be wrong.

The initial release is planned to be both a sourcebook and an adventure game. As a sourcebook, it will provide additional details for all the fans of the strip as well as fill in those who find out about it for the first time through the game. And the game will be both a miniatures combat game and a role playing game. The game will be based on Team Frog’s ECS System, used to great effect in their most recent release “Super-Powered Miniatures Combat.” There has also been some preliminary work done toward a line of sculpted metal miniatures for the game as well.

“The Superfogeys™: Sourcebook & Adventure Game” should be available in time for Christmas, 2012.

The Superfogeys is a trademark of Brock Heasley. All rights reserved. The Superfogeys™ is published by Th3rd World Studios. For information, contact them at and

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