Today’s strip kind of unlocks a big piece of the puzzle and I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys make of it. I know some of you have objections to the way these flashbacks are playing out, and that’s okay. Chapter’s not over yet.

A flashback heavy strip like today deserves a few annotations. This is mostly stuff we’ve seen before, just in a new context.

Panel 1: We’ve seen this fire from the outside in Jerry’s Origin Story, but it was never explained who started it. I know when Jerry’s origin story first ran, a lot of people assumed he started it. Now you know better.

Panel 2: The Th3rd World Comics guys first showed up in a flashback to the origin of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket. By the time we saw them again in Jerry’s origin, they were wearing furs. Now you have some idea as to what happened in between.

Panel 3: This is a new scene, but to see young Jerry’s lovestruck reaction to first meeting Spy Gal look no further than right here.

There you go! See you in the comments!

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