The Jerry origin is ambitious in its scope, but even pages like this can pose quite a challenge for an artist. All those heads and expressions and a house on fire and a destroyed room and…man, there’s just a lot going on here. And John rises to the occasion and keeps impressing me with his detailed interpretation of my script.

Head on over to his site to see more of his great work.


It seems like I’ve been talking about the new site for two years (I think I have), but I finally got the entire SF archive uploaded. Only a few more obstacles in the way and then it’s about to get a lot different around here. Stay tuned.


I remember as a kid reading in Starlog and Comic Scene magazines all about the great in-development superhero movies. It seemed like James Cameron’s Spider-Man and Terry Gilliam’s Watchmen were just around the corner!

But, as we all know, the modern age of the superhero movie didn’t really get going until Bryan Singer’s X-Men in 2000. Ever since then, it’s seemed like you couldn’t go the movie theater without having a dude in tights as one of your entertainment choices. And I love it.

Next week, Thor opens. Freakin’ Thor. I mean, I NEVER thought we’d get a Thor movie. I’m excited. Can you tell? And after that…Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern…and that’s just this summer. Next year? The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Superman: The Man of Steel, and…The Avengers. They’re actually making an Avengers movie. Right this very minute, in fact. It started shooting earlier this week.

I know it’s not great cinema. Critics complain there’s too many guys in tights running around. But I don’t care. I’m a sucker for superhero stories. I admit it. Plus, right now, a lot of them are very good. I’ve been impressed with the unified universe Marvel is establishing and I hope they can maintain the quality they’ve established so far. You all know how good Christopher Nolan’s Batman is.

Here’s a small collection of my favorite trailers from this summer’s superhero flicks. Most of this have only just shown up in the past couple of days, so check ‘em out!

Thor Japanese Trailer

Green Lantern Extended TV Spot

Captain America Trailer

International X-Men: First Class Trailer


MONDAY – 312 – “The Real Cause of Dr. Rocket’s Suffering” Dr. Rocket begins his tale with Alex Raymond inspired flashback art by SF artist Marc Lapierre!

WEDNESDAY – 313 – “A Lovely Woman” Dr. Rocket’s journey through space brings him face-to-face with an important figure from Captain Spectacular’s past!

FRIDAY – Jerry Origin – Pg. 3 Jerry receives advice that will last a lifetime.