When Dr. Klein first appeared waaaaay back in Chapter 2, a lot of the readers at the time assumed he was evil. A couple of them even suggested that he must be evil because of his German name. I didn’t cop to anything either way at the time, but this page is kind of my little nod to that. Worked out nicely that way.


John Jetty is a trooper. He likes wide screen action, people punching and things falling. So…a page like this that’s all head shots? Bit of a challenge. No doubt he rose to the occasion. I love this page.

See more of John’s great work at his site!


MONDAY – 314 – "The One He Truly Hunts" Will Dr. Rocket survive his tussle with Zurida and her guards? Will Zurida? And, hey…who’s that little boy crying?

WEDNESDAY – 315 – "The Pilatian Power Crystal" Dr. Rocket’s reign of terror continues on a most unexpected planet.

FRIDAY – Jerry, Page 5! – Jerry gets a costume and Captain Spectacular meets his new partner!