Man, this is a real trip down memory lane. Longtime readers will recognize these scenes from throughout both SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins. Newbies, don’t worry. Knowing all these references or not knowing them isn’t going to impact future reading. But, for those who want to know, I present to you: annotations!

Panel 1: This is a scene we haven’t quite seen before, but it stands to reason it happened just before this strip from Chapter 1o.

Panel 2: Also from Chapter 10–when Jerry met Jerry.

Panel 3: From Chapter 16, when Swifty’s time traveling, Bubbles of Light journey began.

Panel 4: Going waaaaaay back to 1955, Swifty’s time travel journey saddled him with an unexpected visitor in the form of Mega Matt.

Panel 5: …Which led directly to the death of Money Man. Now you know why.

All the other, smaller panels are other time travel events that happened along the way. Can you figure out where (or is it when?) they’re from?

See you next week!