Well, this is strange! Our website has been down for nearly two full years, and now suddenly it’s just come roaring back to life. And just in time. Marc and I have almost completed work on this chapter and will be launching it soon. In the meantime, I just uploaded the 40+ episodes we posted to Patreon and Webtoon while the site was down, of which this is the last. Hope you enjoy catching up, and please say “hi” and let us know that you’re back with us!

Original Post: Sam! She’s a married woman! How dare you.

And with that, we are going on a (hopefully) brief hiatus. Marc got a massive art job that will take up a lot of his time for the next few months. Congrats, Marc! Meanwhile, I am currently back into the equity crowdfunding space with my film, The Shift (you can see what I’m up to here). So, this is kind of the perfect time for a break all around. Hate to do it, but we’ll come back with some of the most exciting episodes we’ve ever done as we finish out the climax of this chapter.