I don’t know that I’ve ever rewritten a single panel quite so much as I rewrote the last panel of this strip. I don’t know if it was worth all that effort, that’s for you to judge, but hey, that’s the kind of care and attention we put in around here at SuperFogeys Central.*

Hat tip to all the bad dads around here. (You know who you are.)


You remember SuperFogeys Origins. For about two years or so it was a regular feature, mostly drawn by Tim Collins, and then by a whole cavalcade of superstar artists. It only appears every once in a great while now, when the muse strikes and there’s an artist willing. (Crud, even if the muse isn’t striking me, if I’ve got a good artist willing I’ll tick off the muse and make her hit me so hard you’ll think I need a hospital.) Out of all the Origins stories that have been told… and there’s been a lot of them… there’s one that I never quite got to that seems like it should have been one of the first.

Of course, I’m talking about Swifty.

Oh, sure, there are a couple of Swifty stories in the Origins collection, but not one of them is an actual origin story. Not one of them tells you about Swifty’s parents and the legacy they wanted him to protect, or about the true great love of his life, or how he turned into the miserable old grump we know so well. I know the answers to all these questions, of course. I’ve just never shared them.

Why I’m telling you all this is because I am trying my darndest to finally bring this story to you. I don’t want to reveal who the artist is because it might not work out, but there are discussions happening and I’m quite excited about the possibility. If you think you know everything about Swifty, you’re dead wrong. There’s some surprises still baked into his story that have been hinted at but never revealed. I would love to reveal them.

So, everybody, all together now… cross your fingers. I want to make with happen. And, with the 10th Anniversary of The SuperFogeys right around the corner on September 22nd, the timing could not be more perfect. Stay tuned…

See you on Wednesday with 691 – “That’s Enough!”

*Not an actual location.