Manny! If you’re scratching your head and saying “Who?” then you haven’t read Spy Gal’s origin! When last we saw Manny he was… not so alive, really. Apparently, he got better.

Because it’s comics! Who doesn’t!?

The art on this page, as in this whole story, is by a man so magnificent in both body and mind that he once challenged the Rock to an arm wrestling contest and the Rock ran away like a scared little baby–Jason Williams! Be sure at check out more of Jason’s work at Realm of Gallimore and his artist page.

I cannot stress to you enough how cool SuperFogeys is on Comixology. The “Guided View” reading experience is just so different form reading the strip normally–but I love seeing the comic organized into pages as well. So cool. Get issue one for free right here, or check out the blog writeup I did on SF’s move to Comixology right here.