Pg. 5 “Many Doors, All Locked”

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  1. Professor Harmless
    Professor Harmless

    Curious and Curious-er. Oh Money Man, just what -have- you done?

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Money Man? You’re blaming the kidnapee and not the kidnapper?

      • Professor Harmless
        Professor Harmless

        To assume is to make an ass out of u and me.

  2. Spinner

    Did not she can walk through walls? )

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Indeed she can! But not with those power dampeners on her arms.

      • Spinner

        Oh… these are the same things… I see now.

  3. Romi

    Oh, I am thinking this whole thing is a set up. She busted past “daddy” easy enough when pissed. I’d bet a nickel she’s not getting hit by gun fire because they were ordered not to hit her, and now Manny! Is it really Manny? or is it all just a test to see if she can be a good guy?

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Awesome theory. Luckily, this story is only 10 pages long so you won’t have to wait too much to find out.

    • Silly Zealot
      Silly Zealot

      Spoiler alert: You called it!

  4. Anthony

    I love having to many autrhos in my life. It makes the book so much more fun to read knowing the author! I have a lot of respect for you because of your hard work and your writing talent.

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