IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT NEXT WEEK: On account of Marc’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Marc!) and a convention he’s attending this weekend, we’re taking Monday off. Regular schedule resumes on Wednesday!

REGULAR POST: This is probably my favorite page Jason has illustrated for this story so far (his, too). I grew up on comics with lots of panels, so I tend to prefer that style of storytelling over the more spare, 3-5 panel storytelling that’s more in vogue today. So, yeah, I love how many panels we were able to cram into this page–all without making it feel like crowded.

The art on this page, as in this whole story, is by a man whose sweet spit is known as nectar by the Gods, for they drink it daily to maintain their strength and immortality–Jason Williams! Be sure at check out more of Jason’s work at Realm of Gallimore and his artist page.

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