So…I was so up in my own chili last week that I completely missed the boat on acknowledging the anniversary of the SuperFogeys. It was three years ago last week, on September 25th, 2006, that I showed the first SuperFogeys strip to the world (well, MySpace).  This is what it looked like:

Impressive, no? Simpler days, my friends. Simpler days. I guess missing the actual date of the anniversary doesn’t mean a whole since, in my mind, the real celebration happens next month with the release of the first SuperFogeys trade paperback. I think if were to go back and tell my younger self that there’s be a 100+ page book of SuperFogeys goodness in the near future, he would have beat me silly, cut off my head and proclaimed “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”

Since 2006, SF has migrated from MySpace to Pixelstrips to Humorous Maximus and, finally, here to Th3rd World (which has been very good to SF). I’ve been lucky enough to talk about my work on the Gigcast, Webcomics Beacon, Comics Coast to Coast, TGT Webcomics, Strangers with Comics and, of course, Tall Tale Radio.  Both the Pulse and Newsarama have done articles on SF and interviewed me. SF has been reviewed numerous times, including a whole series at This Week in Webcomics. SF has even been nominated for a few awards here and there, though it hasn’t won any (thereby maintaining its street cred). This year, SF got its own spin-off comic, SuperFogeys Origins and the small print run of SF books 1-4 sold out.

It’s been a good three years, no doubt. Could be better, of course, and I kinda think it will be. None of that stuff in the above paragraph is worth beans if there’s not something here that people can care about. I think I’ve got a good story to tell and I’m not all that bad at telling it.

The good news is that, as SF heads into its fourth year, the true scope of that story is finally going to come into focus. In 2010, we’re finally going to catch up with the end of that first outline I made of the SF uber-story. I feel like I’ve been sooooo frickin’ patient.  Now, you’re finally gonna get to see where this has all been heading.  The best part? When we hit that point (and I’m pretty sure you’ll know when we have), the uber-story will only be half over. While I may have only planned up to this point when I started SF, I’ve had three years to build on that plan. (insert evil laughter)

If you’re reading this, it’s because you dig what SF’s all about.  For that, I thank you. The most important ingredient in SF’s longevity and success is you, the fan and the reader.  Thanks for always stopping by.  I know I don’t update as often as some other webcomics out there, but my hope is that you find each visit here to be worthwhile. Thanks in particular to those of you that comment and those of you that have parted with your hard-earned cash to buy books and t-shirts to support what I’m doing here. You keep me going on the days when I wonder what the crud I’m expending all this energy for.

Thanks, everybody!


Today’s SF: Origins calls back to several things we’ve already seen.  By now, I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with these scenes, but for those who aren’t, here’s the list and links:

Panel 1 is direct from Chapter 2, “Bingo Night.”

Panel 2 we saw in Chapter 4, “Dictator Tot’s Revenge”

Panel 3 and Panel 4 are both from Chapter 5, “The Redemption of Dr. Rocket”

If you’re curious as to when this conversation between Herman and Death, Esq. is taking place I’ll state definitively that it’s between Chapters 5 and 6.



T.L. Collins, regular SF: Origins artist and the artist of “Herman’s Story” was interviewed this past weekend by the crew over at TGT Webcomics. They covered EVERYTHING, including TL’s own comic Bullfinch and his work right here on SF: Origins.  You can listen to the whole thing here!


October 10th is almost here! Don’t forget that T.L. and I will both be at the Th3rd World booth at the Baltimore Comc Con doing sketches and signing and selling books.  I’ll have a ton of copies of SuperFogeys Volume One on hand.  Hope to see you there.


…I think I better wait for Thursday.  I don’t want this one to get lost in the shuffle.  If you follow me on Twitter, you already know, but come back here on Thursday to find out the identity of the comic book culture megastar author of the foreword to the new SuperFogeys book – SuperFogeys Volume One!

See You on Thursday with SF 227!


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