Took us a little while to get here, but we’ve finally caught up with Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular one year later. There was a lot of thought (mostly on Marc’s part) that went into Dr. Rocket’s new look. Points to those of you who can identify the influences.

If you’re reading this and scratching your head–congratulations, you should be. That’s really the point of this whole chapter. I figured the longtime readers had their advantage long enough and needed to be tossed in the same boat as the first time readers. Don’t worry, the boat’s not gonna sink. We’re gonna fill in the blanks as we go, but that’s next chapter stuff. For now, just enjoy the ride. We’re going to a crazy place.

To even the field just a little, I’ll remind everyone that when last we saw Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular they were major buddies hatching a plan to leave Zurida’s thrall and their imprisonment in her palace. Cap had just suffered a deeply personal loss as his son was killed by an errant laser bolt, an indirect result of Tangerine’s actions. Zurida, of course, is Cap’s ex-wife and bringing him to the palace in the first place was all about rekindling that relationship. Things have gone a bit south since then, obviously.

Comixology update: We’ve ironed out the pacing and content of the first two issues. Hoping to have some solid release news soon… maybe even show off the covers. I’ll keep you all posted!