Marc did such a great job pacing this strip and conveying the emotion that you almost don’t even need words to get what’s happening here between Cap, Zurida and Michelle. In fact, I was able to get rid of a little bit of dialogue, and it’s a stronger strip for it.

Next week we’ll be seeing SF 500. The work that’s going into that one is extensive enough that Marc needs a week off to catch up on other work. So, one week hiatus after SF 500… but let’s not let that week go to waste. What do you say? Instead of Guest Strips, let’s do a Fan Art Week. Submit your fan art to me (any character, large or small) at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll run everything I get starting on Monday, April 29th. Feel free to submit during that week as well. No deadline. Just send ‘em in!