One of the unique things about Soviet Sam is that before he became part of the main cast, he received an extensive introduction in SuperFogeys Origins. Most of you are familiar with his story from there, but my initial concern in introducing him to the Valhalla story was that there was just too much to explain about who he was and why he was important. If a person only reads the strip, how will they know who he is? When all of this is collected into a book, Sam has got to work out of the context of the Origin stories. For the most part, I chose to just sidestep this issue by explaining nothing and hinting at his past as a villain.

But now I thought it was time to do more than hint and really show, in part at least, just what happened to Sam. I hope those of you who know all about Sam will forgive the brief reminder. I do think it’s nice to hear about it from his perspective though. That, at least, is new. Plus… Mega Matt.

Big thanks to TL Collins for drawing the original version of this tale (and designing Soviet Sam!) and to Marc for recreating it so perfectly!