359 – Warmed Up

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  1. SUTBEric

    Up until the part where Spy Gal finds Jerry out, Cap is making this all to easy for our evil sidekick buddy.

    • Bryan

      I’m just waiting for her to drop him for Jerry.

  2. Valareos

    Oh his next spin will be a jackpot alright… a nice diamond ring will fall into his lap

    • Animaniac

      This is definite, note the emphasis the ring is getting in the final panel

  3. Michael Kinyon
    Michael Kinyon

    It seems that the Captain’s kryptonite is a full-blown gambling addiction. He really can’t help himself. And Jerry obviously knows about it, which is why he engineered all of this to take place in Vegas.

    • Mike J

      Interesting! I hadn’t considered that! I like it though, very sinister.

  4. Sam

    I don’t know what she’s going to do but I grab his ear and yank him off to the fight.
    “Oh you’re going alright, there is no way I’m letting you sit here while you friends fight for
    their lives!”

  5. Spike Matthews

    um… I seem to recall there being some kind of hypnotising thing going on – maybe this is the result; a subtle instruction to gamble. I’m hoping that’s it, rather than CS being a totally unaware idiot.

  6. Scott

    I suspected CS might have had a gambling addiction, but he really didn’t show any signs before. Now Spike has me wondering about that.

    But let’s look at his track record — CS appears to have a long history of being a simpleton. Let’s not forget that in his origin story, he was “made to be stupid” through sensory deprivation. He was supposed to be so stupid that the intellect booster would help but keep him ‘relatively harmless’. He’s been shown in the past to be weak-willed and unable to cope in more complex situations like “False accusations media storm” and “Your drinking buddy just punched out your woman and is going to kill your oldest frienemy” (the latter really isn’t even that complex)

    So who knows. I think it’s equally possible he’s that big an idiot.

  7. Michael Kinyon
    Michael Kinyon

    All heroes have a propensity to gamble, in some sense. It’s part of what makes them heroes. CS’s propensity seems to have be amplified, but whether that’s something Jerry caused or just CS’s own particular problem is not clear. The first signs were his overelevated excitement over going to Vegas.
    CS is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’ll do the right thing if he is capable of it. We saw that when he chose not to take revenge on the Third Man for Tom’s (alleged) death, but rather called the current CS (who is indeed an idiot) to handle it.

  8. CartoonistWill

    I’m not caving in to the Cap hate just yet. Waiting to see what happens. Kind of weird that the comic focused primarily around the Cap up until lately where it feels like it switched to Jerry being the primary focus, if you will. I believe things will run there course and there’s a reason why Brock has written Cap this way lately, perhaps to elicit certain emotions and so as to make a bigger impact over, as far as we know, Jerry’s ultimate failing.

  9. blackbeard's delight
    blackbeard's delight

    “You never walk away from a heater”, everyone knows that. Spygal is being awful selfish trying to stinkeye the good Captain into walking away from a sure jackpot. When he hits, I’m sure she’ll have no problem taking half.

  10. tmcelmurry

    That slot machine may be warming up, but their relationship is starting to cool down.

  11. Brock Heasley
    Brock Heasley

    Man, I just don’t even know how to respond to all the great comments today without ruining the conversation and imposing my thoughts on it. I’ll just say you all have some legitimate gripes against Cap. And some great perspectives on him.

  12. JE Draft

    Revoked. That’s just the last straw. Extenuating circumstances to be revealed later, perhaps, but he’s just a tool. I don’t buy the gambling addiction thing. He just lives in his own little bubble. Jerk.

    You know what would be nice? If Soviet Sam finally found his mojo in this fight and, and Spygal gives BOTH Jerry and CS the middle finger.

    • Valareos

      Yea… Always felt sorry for Soviet Sam. If him and Money man actually ever got a chance to talk, you may find they had very close views. I mean, the idea that Money Man things the wealth of society should be used to assist those less fortunate is a core communistic philosophy.

  13. Infamous Nefarious
    Infamous Nefarious

    Methinks that ring doth twinkle with the light of foreshadowing. I have a feeling it’s not gonna be there by the end of next stip… End of the arc at latest.

  14. Caseyorourke

    The storyline is just dragging along and I’m quickly losing interest in it. Either have Spygal slap him up side of the head, tell him to get out there and be a hero, tell him she is tired of being with a loser like him or just get to the to the battle and let Soviet Sam be the hero he deserves to be.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Casey, I hear you loud and clear. This is an important chapter in the SuperFogeys mythos and I wanted to give it some room to breathe and so I admittedly decompressed the storytelling a bit. Having Marc on to help me get updates out fast was also a big part of that decision. I’ll keep your feelings in mind for the future.

      All that said, I think you’re REALLY gonna like the next strip.

  15. Chris Blanchard

    Guys, this really isn’t a surprise. Remember back when everyone was making web pages? Caps’ page was filled with “I’m retired.” He’s done with being a hero. The fact that he’s using the slot machine as an excuse is somewhat surprising, but the overall attitude is not.

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