Good comics feature good character acting. I believe this. It’s one of the reasons why Calvin & Hobbes is so beloved and the lack of it is partly to blame for why Dilbert is often so derided. Can you imagine Watchmen without Dave Gibbons’ expressive and well-defined characters? I can’t. It’s why I love the work of Kevin Maguire and Jim Lee’s sometimes leaves me cold and Rob Liefeld’s is frozen over as far as I’m concerned. A good character artist can communicate volumes with an eyebrow. An eyebrow.

I think there’s a lot I do wrong as an artist, but if there’s one thing I always wanted to be as perfect as possible during my tenure as SuperFogeys artist, it was the way the characters expressed themselves. Since my wheelhouse is small, I usually did this through facial expressions. Since his wheelhouse is quite a bit bigger, Marc often does more with the same characters by using their whole bodies a lot more than I ever did. No doubt in my mind whatsoever he was the right guy for the job.


So it was with a bit of rustiness that I returned to drawing the Fogeys for a special project this past week. I haven’t often drawn the Fogeys as their younger selves, so it was even more of a challenge than it otherwise would have been. I’m not saying what these are for yet, but I thought you guys would like to take a look at some (now rare) SF art by me, featuring Young Captain Spectacular, Young Swifty, Young Dr. Rocket, and Young Spy Gal.

If you can’t see the below image, click here!


Whaddaya think?

See you on Wednesday with SuperFogeys 333!