This is cool. About a week ago I mentioned on Twitter that it had been a while since I’d done an interview and I kind of missed it. I wasn’t fishing (at least I don’t THINK I was), but Holiday Wars writer and creator Scott King let me know real fast he’d love to do an interview with me. And we were off.

This is good timing, Holiday Wars artist Michael Odom is set to return to SuperFogeys Origins in about 3 weeks with The Ballad of Rhonda and Gordon. You’ll see sample art from that, my current thoughts on my decision to not draw SuperFogeys, hints about he future of SF (including whether or not SF has an ending) and much, much more. Here’s some samples of the interview:


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room… why did you stop drawing SuperFogeys?

Because I wasn’t very good at it? Okay, okay. I’ll be the first to admit that at the end there I wasn’t half bad. I’m really proud of the art in the last 30 or so strips I did leading into SuperFogeys 300. No, the real truth is…



What’s planned for the distant future?

Well, that’s a good question, isn’t it? At the end of Chapter 11, it was revealed that Dr. Rocket had committed crimes so heinous that every alien villain and race I’ve introduced since the comic began (and some I haven’t) is gunning for him. What’s more…

Read the rest over at the Holiday Wars blog!

I don’t know how important it is that I respond to all of the comments you guys leave. I know there are many schools of thought on it and many creators don’t even try. I respond out of appreciation and because I enjoy talking to you guys. That said, I’ve been getting around to responding later and later lately. Don’t mean to. I usually try to respond sometime in the afternoon on the day new strips post. Sometimes I don’t get to it until the next day. For those that are keeping track of such things, don’t worry. I still value what you guys have to say, both positive and negative. I almost always comment, even if it’s a day late. If you’ve felt shunned these past few weeks, please go back and check. Chances are, I responded to you and you didn’t even know it.

As you were.

See you on Friday with Jerry, pg. 13!