The color is back and it’s brought Zurida with it! Big thanks to Jon Conkling for getting back on the SFO horse after his back-breaking ordeal. Jon will also be coloring the past pages that he had to skip over, so be sure and check back to see them when they go up.

In fact, he’s already done page 7! Go see!


With the weekend over and the last few days of voting for MONSTERPLEX before us, let’s check in and see where we’re at… 13155 views, 297 favorites and just over 4 stars. This puts us 103 favorites behind the number one ranked comic and just under 100 views. You know what that means?


If you’ve been waiting to join TEAM MONSTERPLEX or haven’t yet done all of the big four–voted, favorited, star rated and commented–then you don’t have to wait any longer. It’s crunch time! Only 3 days to go!

Please, please, please let everyone know how close we are. I know the gap between us and first place is ever-widening, but it’s not so wide that we can’t still overcome. It’s entirely up to you!

Now, with that out of the way, I’ve got a couple of great interviews to share with you. First up is MONSTERPLEX artist David Schlotterback’s first solo interview over at Rocket Llama! He talks about what it’s like to work with me, what his experience with comics has been and what he likes most about drawing Monsterplex. A fun read!

Secondly, be sure and check out my audio podcast interview with Byron Wilkins and Kurt Sasso over at TGT Webcomics. We talked for about an hour and half about both MONSTERPLEX and SUPERFOGEYS. This was one of the best interviews I’ve done, I think (haven’t listened back to it yet).

For the first half, I talk about the creation of MONSTERPLEX and break down just why it took two years for it to arrive one your screens. I also drop a lot of hints about future storylines!

After that, we turned out attention to SuperFogeys, talking a lot about the chapter that just wrapped up, Chapter 7, “Visiting Day.” It was great talking with Byron and Kurt because you could tell that they are true fans of SF. They had some good questions and some good observations to make and prompted me to share some things about Cami and Swifty that I’ve never touched on anywhere. We also talked a bit about the Third Man and Kurt offered some theories on what his possible motivation might be.

If you’re a die hard SF fan, then you don’t want to miss this one.

You can listen to all right here!(scroll down to the bottom)

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 245 – The beginning of Chapter 8, “The Captain and the Spy!”