Okay, I fully admit that I scripted in a purple dinosaur wearing a Jerry uniform for my own person amusement. Some images just deserve to be brought to life. It helps tremendously when a guy like John Jett is doing the heavy lifting.


Lee Cherolis, the stellar artist of the Spy Gal origin, has started up a new webcomic called Little Guardians. This is your chance to get with something special from the beginning. Go, see!


Most of you know I’ve been working hard on a memoir for the past several years. It’s complete now and I’ve been shopping it to agents. This is a frustrating process full of rejection and disappointments. Seriously, you gotta be made of stone to not get discouraged when something you’ve worked on for years and you KNOW is good gets labeled as “not compelling enough.” I mean, ouch, right? But this is the game. All books, even the wildly successful ones, go through this process.

I thought the book was done. Well, as done as I could make it on my own. Then, yesterday, I got a sudden flash of inspiration and I knew a huge change I had to make and how to make it. That night, I made the change and it was like the book finally came together. It was very exciting. Why it took me this long to get there, I don’t know. The change had been suggested months ago by one of my readers, but I just couldn’t bear altering in such dramatic fashion a manuscript I dearly loved. I think it just took me this many months to get over myself. I wish it had happened sooner, but it’s renewed my energy and ambition. Which is no bad thing.

I think it’s time to start writing another book. I’m nothing if not a glutton for punishment.


MONDAY – 330 – “Swim City” – The Fogeys arrive at their destination and some special friends are there to greet them.

WEDNESDAY – 331 – “Paradise” – Someone is INCREDIBLY excited to be in Vegas, for one very specific reason…

FRIDAY – Jerry, pg. 13 – A tree falls and an idea is born…