By far the most popular subject for SuperFogeys fan art is Spy Gal. It’s not hard to see why and, truthfully, depictions of her never get old for me. Everyone’s takes are so different from each other.

Stepping into the fray with a gorgeously penciled piece is new SuperFogeys SuperFan, Cliff Thomas. Cliff recently discovered SF and loved it so much that he decided to pace himself by reading only 5 strips a day. That all changed this past weekend when he finally reached Chapter 7 and just burned through the rest as quick as he could to catch up with the rest of us. You’ll be pleased to know that he made it though the end of Chapter 5 and the Chapter 6 fakeout and is still loving SF just as much as when he started.

Now Cliff is working his way through SuperFogeys Origins and he instantly fell in love with the idea of Spy Gal as a reformed criminal. I think that idea (which is still yet to really be explored–we need a proper Spy Gal origin, don’t we?) led him down the path to this great fan art, which Cliff calls “Spy Gal, 1971.” Might as well call it “Gal. Spy Gal.” as far as I’m concerned!

Thanks, Cliff!


Remember when we won Zuda? Yeah, that was awesome.

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Most recently, I posted pics of my first check from DC Comics. Let me tell you, that was one surreal moment. This stuff just got real!


On Tuesday, Swifty wrestles a bear…with a little help from his lady love.

Then, on Thursday, be back here to see that the little surprise the Captain has for Spy Gal!