MAN, does it feel good to finally be here! Head Games is probably the chapter I’ve most been looking forward to. Despite this low key beginning, there’s gonna be some meaty stuff for you guys to unpack as we go forward. Here’s hoping I can pull it off and you guys enjoy the experience.

Tell your friends. It’s a great time to be a SuperFogeys fan or to get back on the train.


Starting to gear up for production on SuperFogeys Origins Volume One. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love anthology books and SFO in book format is very much going to feel like one of those.

Random survey…assuming that the price is going to be reasonable (probably less than $20 but more than $10, but I don’t know for sure yet), how many of you are interested in having SFO on your bookshelf and what kinds of extra material would you like to see inside?


Those that know me well know that I’m an avid movie watcher and sometimes critic. I actually wrote a column for the local paper when I was teenager where I reviewed movies and did the occasional commentaries. Loved that job.

I used to watch a movie a day, but I find that I don’t have as much time for that lately. Last week I rented The Men Who Stare at Goats (good, fun flick that falls apart only a little in the end) and saw How to Train Your Dragon 3D (still not Pixar quality, but by far the best animated feature Dreamworks has ever done–and AMAZING in 3D).

You may remember that the SF site will be changing dramatically in the near future and one of the new features I’ll have at my disposal will be the ability to offer daily blog content under the strips instead of the one update that’s attached to the strip. Been thinking about what I might do with the extra space and certainly one of the things would be doing more sketches and such, but what about a weekly mini movie review column where I run down what I’m watching and some brief thoughts? And you guys could give me your recommends at well and share your thoughts. Might be fun.

Just thinking out loud.


On Tuesday the origin of Star Maiden begins! And when I say begins I mean we’re going right back to the very beginning–you’ll see her birth! Art byWes Molebash! AAAAAAHHHHH! (so cool)

Then, on Tuesday, Dr. Klein digs into the man, the myth the cranky old man that is Swifty. What is his connection to Tom? (Should be kind of obvious to SFO readers…)