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Is it just my imagination or is the artist of this month’s SuperFogeys Origin actually growing as an artist right before our eyes? Every page has been better than the last and it’s been a pure pleasure to watch the pages come in. Don’t believe me? Read “Swifty and the Prophecy” from the beginning starting right here.

Only one more page to go. It’s a perfect time to take a look at…


There’s a number of Origin stories out to artists right now and every once in a while I like to check back in with you to let you know what’s coming. I don’t know why, but I’ve been very blessed to have the very best webcomic artists working on SFO so far, and that’s not a trend that’s gonna be stopping anytime soon.

First up, starting April 13, will be the origin of Star Maiden with art by Wes Molebash of You’ll Have That and the current Max vs. Max. If you’re familiar with Wes’s work, you know that’s a story you can get very, very excited about. There’s very few that can match Wes in raw storytelling power. I’m gonna actually be lending a hand on this one, pitching in on colors. Here’s a little preview for you (If you’re using Internet Explorer, you might not be able to see this.):

Okay, so that might be the very definition of a “cruel tease,” but I don’t want to give too much away!

Also hard at work on a solo story for one of the female Fogeys is Cory Thomas of Watch Your Head. Cory is doing a cool, little, mostly silent tale of a secret mission Spy Gal went on in the late 80′s. This one sets up some of the major stuff going down in Volume 3 of the Valhalla continuity (the Thursday strips). (We’re currently in the middle of Volume 2.)

Speaking of Spy Gal, Chris Watkins of Odori Park is trying to decide between either her origin story or its sequel that takes place many years later. The way the SFO stories are so nonlinear, it doesn’t really matter which one is told first, but whichever one Chris doesn’t choose I will then be on the hunt for an artist for that slot, so stay tuned for that announcement.

Previously announced artists still working hard on their stories are Charles P. Wilson III (The Stuff of Legend artist–a future Eisner Winner if there ever was one) who is working on “Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part Two” and Steve Ogden (Moon Town) who is working on the origin of the Thrice Evil.

Of course, no list of SFO artists would be complete without the man who started it all and has drawn more SFO pages than any other–T.L. Collins (Bullfinch). He’s working on a Soviet Sam story that will be EPIC. More than an origin, we’ll be telling Sam’s entire life story up to this point, including his time in Valhalla. Really looking forward to that one.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 250!