I just love the energy of today’s SuperFogeys Origins page. Jason has been topping himself with each new page and doing some of his very best work, in my opinion. Hope you guys are digging it as much as I am.

Be sure and check out Jason’s work as both a cartoonist and a podcaster over at Digital Strips. Working with Jason on this Swifty story has been one of my favorite experiences writing for someone else to draw. Jason is extremely patient with me and is whiz with the sound effects. Thanks, man. Only two more pages to go!


Thanks for all of the great responses to both the strip and short essay I wrote last week. You guys are endlessly patient when it comes to my ramblings and a few of you had some very nice things to say. Discussing my Dad’s death and the circumstances surrounding it is something that I enjoy doing and that is very comfortable for me, but I know that other people don’t always feel the same way.

For those curious…some of what I talked about in that essay is in the book I’ve been actively writing since the beginning of last year. Every once in a while one of you is kind enough to ask me how that’s going and I can confirm that it’s still an active, going concern. I’m about 70,000 words in (just over 200 pages) and still going strong. It’s still a project I feel a lot of passion for–probably now more than ever since now I can really see it coming together and…y’know what? It’s really good. That’s not something I allow myself to say about my own work very often, but I will for this. I feel confident. Here’s hoping one day I’ll get to actually share it!

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 249!