Okay, this is not going to be immediately apparent upon reading this strip, but believe it or not that last panel is fairly significant. For a few years in a row we posted teaser posters that hinted at upcoming storylines. The last one we did was in April of 2012. I really, really, honestly thought that moment would hit around December of that year. If you clicked on the link then you know that I was way, waaaaay off. Today’s strip marks the moment that poster was teasing. Today.

“But Brock,” I hear you saying. “Don’t you plan SuperFogeys out pretty thoroughly?”

“Why yes, yes I do.”

“Then what happened, you loser?”

Basically, I found a lot of roads I wanted to travel before getting to this moment and certain things–like the Jerry-Spy Gal confrontation–ended up being much bigger than I thought they would be and taking long enough that I’m sure most of you forgot the 2012 teaser even existed. Oops. Anyway, here we finally are. Not on schedule, but more or less where I thought we would be when Spy Gal finally found out the full extent of Jerry’s madness. You’re welcome. Or not. I’m confused.

Of course, the fun part now is that you have NO IDEA what’s coming next. Not that you usually do, but you don’t even have a hint now.

Huh. It may be time to do another teaser.

Okay, the coolness below is brought to by one Mr. Marc Lapierre and some handy dandy Photoshop filters. After drawing that last panel of Spy Gal, Marc was reminded of work of Roy Lichtenstein, noted crook and thief. Blown up real big like this, it’s hard to argue with him. It is coolness, Marc. It is coolness.