THE ANNOTATED SuperFogeys 226

See Dr. Rocket first mention his daughter here, then check out her first visual appearance here (look closely). And, of course, we just saw her in SuperFogeys Origins.

To find out what the Third Man and Dr. Rocket are talking about, start here.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a music-buying fiend. My job is an artistic one and I find that artists almost universally enjoy the act of creation more with good music.  Unlike most people my age, I don’t find myself turning much towards the music of my youth. I much prefer the new.

Got the new MUSE last week, “The Resistance.” I did a little live first listen on Twitter and had concluded by the end of it that the album is fantastic, if not quite as good as their last one.  Love the big space rock they do though. Twilight notwithstanding. Good for immediate download: Uprising andResistance

Also got the new A FINE FRENZY, “Bomb in a Birdcage.”  Female-led indie group. Some great songs on there, but the melodies aren’t quite as strong as on their first album.  Nothing as good as Rangers and Almost Lover on there. Good for immediate download: What I Wouldn’t Do andElectric Twist

Have you heard of THE BIG PINK?  They’re like a cross between Muse and Glasvegas.  Brand new band, but I absolutely love it.  Big rock with an indie bent. You can listen to their entire first album here. (If you go there, please be aware that the album art displayed may be NSFW. In my iTunes, I just replaced it with a pic of my family.) Good for immediate download: Velvet and Dominos

Next week I’m looking forward to picking up the new David Gray. Haven’t been disappointed by him yet.


Jackson Ferrell reviewed SuperFogeys Chapters 4-6 this week because you demanded it.  Just a smidgen of controversy going on with regards to the Dr. Rocket ballad from Chapter 6.  Feel free to chime in and read the comments here!

Also, more preview art from the soon-to-be-released SuperFogesy Volume One (now at the printers!) was shown off on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, Herman’s Story wraps up and we finally out then answer to the question posed in the beginning…is Herman going to Heaven or Hell? Then, on Thursday, be back here as we find out what Star Maiden’s up to on Visiting Day.


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