Better believe it.


*I need to make a SuperFogeys Timeline. Finally realized I’m not just telling a story anymore.  Between SFO and the regular strip, I’m building a universe.  I need to make a timeline to keep everything straight. I know the order everything occurs in, but I’m gonna start forgetting if I don’t write it down.

*The new Muse Album, “The Resistance,” is quite good. So is the new Moby album. Newsboys too.  They are the exception.  Many of my old favorites have disappointed me. Albums from Green Day, U2 and Jars of Clay were all let downs.

*The Twilight Zone is the perfect show to introduce a young child to sci-fi.  Started Season 3 with Dictator Tot yesterday.

*Cussing hurts my ears. I know I’m not the only one. I do not condone the language Swifty “used” in today’s strip.

*Can a person write a non fiction book using garbled substitutions for profanity?  I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

*My all-time favorite TV show featured a vampire as its lead. Wonder if “Angel” would have gotten cancelled today now that vampires are all the rage.  I was there first, people.

*Gettin’ itchy to write more scripts. Wonder if there’s any more excellent artists out there dying to draw the SuperFogeys. I’ve been spoiled so far.


On Tuesday, Herman comes to Valhalla and someone unexpected sees it all go down. On Thursday, we catch back up with Dr. Rocket and Dr. Klein makes a request.  Be there.


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