Ah! Ah! Ah! Too much! There’s just way too much going on in this strip.  I could have easily took all the same ideas here and spread them out into three strips instead of compacting them into one.  Plus, I was way too in love with my own dialogue.  Swifty’s in the first panel should have at least been cut in half.  Idiot.

Visually, I’m trying something a little more colorful, but the line work doesn’t support it very well.  Especially the interaction between the bench and the characters–I should have just closed the gaps.

The vial of Space Pig Urine that Dr. Rocket gives Swifty here comes into play at the end of the chapter and explains why Swifty sits out the “battle.”

The bear, Clovis, is on loan from Lucas Turnbloom’s “Imagine This”

New update
Progess is swift on the new site. RSS feeds are even in place (though not active yet, so don’t try)!

I’ve known some of the big plans for the new site for months now, but I got a HUGE surprise last week. It has to do with the navigation and you guys aren’t gonna believe what a completely different experience it’s going to be. In fact, to my knowledge this is a nav system that no other webcomic has. I have never seen anything like it and it will completely change the reading experience. It’s revolutionary. Every webcomic out there is going to want this system. It’s that good.

As bad as has been up until now…it’s about to get that much better. Seriously. This is no evolution from what you’ve previously seen, this like going from ape-man to super intelligent super-soldier overnight!

You think I’m kidding? Just wait. I don’t mean to oversell it, but I’m just so pumped right now. This is the way webcomics should be presented.

Just you wait.

The Bear

Those of you who know your webcomics know exactly who the special guest star in today’s comic is. Check out Lucas Turnbloom’s “Imagine This”for some seriously funny stuff. More details on this cameo on Thursday.


Anyone notice the payoff from a loose thread at the end of Chapter 4? Should I even be calling this stuff out? Should I be providing links to past episodes that shed light on the current goings-on? It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.