Welcome to a brand new SuperFogeys Origins–Harvey The Science Rabbit, Part 2! This one has a pretty long history. Originally written around the same time as Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part 1, the fates conspired and original artist Charles P. Wilson, III (The Stuff of Legend) was never able to do more than a few designs. Beautiful designs, but Charles is a busy guy with a hot, rising career in comics and it just didn’t work out for him to do the full comic.

Enter Chip Skelton (Broken). Chip and I have been friends for just about as long as I’ve been doing comics. Would you believe this is actually his second SuperFogeys story? The first one, “Cellmates,” is at this time only available in print in SuperFogeys Vol. 1. And it’s amazing. But not nearly amazing as the work Chip is doing on this Harvey story.

Chip is a very particular kind of storyteller. He’s big on mood, atmosphere and pacing. I’m more about plot, gags and gettin’ on with it. Where we meet is at the crossroads of character. He likes to take my scripts and bash them to pieces and make them his own, while still staying very true to what I intended. It’s that clash of styles that I think will make this story very, very different from any SFOs that have come before it. Hope you dig.