Seriously. I’ve gotten more requests for this origin than for perhaps any other. Can’t say as to why, exactly. Harvey is a rabbit. An evil rabbit, sure, but just a rabbit. Or…is he? I suppose we’re about to find out.

Really pleased that¬†T.L. was able to come in and join me on this one. He wasn’t supposed to show up in SFO again until about February, but I decided to schedule things a little differently and T.L. came in in a pinch. Look at the beautiful artwork up there. I mean, wow.

And can you believe he’s double timing it? Yep, the next two weeks will see two SFO updates each, one on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday (if all goes according to plan). In fact, on next Wednesday’s update I’ll be doing some guest inking over T.L.’s pencils. Wait until you see why I chose this particular page. It’s a stunner.

You may have also noticed that this Origin is subtitled “Part One.” I’m happy to report that “Part Two” is already out to an artist (Stuff of Legend’s AMAZING C.P. Wilson III) and so you should look forward to seeing it next year. I think some of you are still going to have some questions by the end of Part One, so all I can say is: bear with me. Answers are coming.


So sorry about my comments being late. My work computer crashed on Friday and I’ve been dealing with file recovery and trying to get back online ever since. Unfortunately, it’s still not resolved (though I have recovered my files) and so I don’t know that I’ll be online all that much tomorrow. Cross your fingers and don’t worry–I will get around to responding to all of your comments eventually, just like always.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 237!


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