Welcome back, Chip Skelton! The last time Chip illustrated a SuperFogeys Origin was late last year with Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part 2. What those of you who own SuperFogeys Vol. 1 only know is that the Harvey story was actually Chip’s second time at bat illustrating a SF story. So, for the first time online, I present the entirety of the very fun, very revealing SuperFogeys Origin, Cellmates. This story has some great twists and turns and features not only Captain Spectacular and Spy Gal, but also Dr. Rocket and… The Thrice Evil in his prime. That’s something you online-only readers have never seen before. Enjoy!

(I should tell you one thing though. Chip drew this story a number of years ago and feels quite strongly that the Harvey story represents his best work. There’s no doubt Chip only improved his skills with time, but I think the work he did on this story is excellent and features all of the great pacing and storytelling you’ve come to expect from him.)

Oh, and for the original inspiration for this story, look no further than right here.