One of the things noted in a recent comment (forgive me for not remembering who said it) was that this storyline is making SuperFogeys the inverse of the “mirror universe” trope in which alternate realities are generally worse. That’s pretty much exactly right, as today’s strip makes abundantly clear. You guys are so smart.

GOOD NEWS: Next week, we’re back to our twice-a-week schedule. Marc had what looks to have been a successful time at NYCC and he’s back now in full force.

At the same time, I plan on participating more fully in the comments section here again. Unless you guys prefer me staying out of it. I’m always open hearing that. Don’t want to ruin things.

I’m still unemployed. This past week on the blog I tackled everything from why it’s so important to write as though no one cares to Erin’s bad, bad, bad interview to the REAL reason Disney Princesses get married so quickly. All at